Title IX

Interim Measures

As part of the University’s response to a report of sexual misconduct, and regardless of whether there has been a request for formal disciplinary or law enforcement action, the University may impose interim measures or offer accommodations to address issues that impact the reporting and accused students’ educational, living, or work environments. These interim measures can often be put in place very quickly, prior to the resolution of any referral or criminal proceeding. Once imposed, the University will take necessary action to enforce the implemented measures. Anyone who becomes aware of, or has a concern about, a student’s failure to follow any University-imposed interim measure or accommodation should report this concern to the Student Conduct Officer.

About Title IX Accommodations and Interim Measures

The Office of Civil Rights (OCR) provides institutions of higher education with guidance for complying with Title IX. Pitt strives to act in accordance with OCR guidelines. OCR’s guidelines for offering both the reporting and responding parties interim measures is very clear. In April 2014, OCR published a new guidance document, Questions and Answers on Title IX and Sexual Violence. The document includes a section (G-1) on interim measures, which states:

“Title IX requires a school to take steps to ensure equal access to its education programs and activities and protect the complainant as necessary, including taking interim measures before the final outcome of an investigation. The school should take these steps promptly once it has notice of a sexual violence allegation and should provide the complainant with periodic updates on the status of the investigation. The school should notify the complainant of his or her options to avoid contact with the alleged perpetrator and allow the complainant to change academic and extracurricular activities or his or her living, transportation, dining, and working situation as appropriate The school should also ensure that the complainant is aware of his or her Title IX rights and any available resources, such as victim advocacy, housing assistance, academic support, counseling, disability services, health and mental health services, and legal assistance, and the right to report a crime to campus or local law enforcement.” Learn more.

Examples of Title IX Accommodations and Interim Measures

Rescheduling Exams or Assignments

General Academic Accommodations

Access to Academic Support Services

Issuing No Contact Orders

Changes in Extracurricular Activities

Assistance from the University in Completing Housing Relocation

Access to Counseling Services

Assistance with Connecting to Community Resources, like PAAR